Sanjeev Rana


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Kuljit Kaur

The Best doctor in chandigarh

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Divya Arora

I never seen such a caring and friendly doctor like Dr. Sonil prabhakar in my life. I was extremely satisfied. I’m very happy the way she approaches the problem and her way of diagnosis. To me she is the best gynaecologist in Chandigarh..And Sohana hospital …

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Monika Bhatia

Dr. Sonil prabhakar is such a very loving , nice person.. she is a gem ..she gives her 100% . She was with me during my pregnancy in first lockdown. (2020).. she gives personal attention to her patients. She always replies of any queries anytime.. i was blessed to have her during my pregnancy. Thankyou ma’am ❤️

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Shikha Kanouj

Hi i am shikha form Mohali, I will start with a 5 star rating for Dr Sonil Prabhakar as she is by far the best doctor i have met in last five years and nothing I can say really does justice to the doc : she is extremely intelligent, compassionate and a truly outstanding doctor. I had sever problem and my maternity was marked under high risk as i had 3 miscarriages earlier, but the diagnosis and line of treatment provided by Dr. Sonil was out standing and was very comforting, she took no chances at all and had me diagnosed for all possible threats. I count myself truly lucky to have found her, apart I thank Mr. Harsh jasrotia for suggesting the doctor to us further i have also suggested few of my friend to see her. Finally i would thank a ton to Dr. Sonil Prabhakar for helping us bring our little baby to this world on 7th of May 2021.

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Miury bhatia

She is one of the best gynaecologist I ever met. Very expert, accurate diagnose, having knowledge of latest technologies and so many qualities. Last but not least very affordable, any person with poor economic conditions can afford her treatment. Thanks doctor

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Shilpa Panesar

I am Shilpa from Kharar, I would just like to say a big, big thank you Doctor, you are amazing, supportive in all manners. I had many health issues, someone guide me to consult with Dr. Sonil Prabhakar, She guided me like a younger sister. She is great doctor. I have a baby now , during pregnancy the Doctor was guiding me on every step with full attention. Thanks for wornderful and sweet gift (My Baby).

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Gurdeep Kaur

I am working as a nursing officer under govt. sector and that is also in labor room(gynae ward). As I have a big experience about number of gynaecologists and their treatment methods. But I must say Dr. Sonil is the best ever gynaecologist I have ever met. She is understanding, and very polite to every patient. Above to all, her ways of treating complications is very best. I would like to thank her as she had handled my most complicated pregnancy so smoothly and blessed me with daughter.

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Satinder Kaur

As a health care professional fibroid uterus was not a new term for me but there was definitely a tension due to my young age. Dr. Sonil prabhakar mam explained to me very well about it’s medical and surgical treatment which made me decide on the treatment. It was easy to get and decided to have an operation. After the operation, I am fine and feel healthier than before. It’s normal to feel nervous before an operation but Dr. Sonil mam has the amazing skills and experience to win the confidence of her patients and overcome their anxiety. Many thanks to Sonil mam.

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archana sharma

Dr Sonil,you are an amazing doc and a wonderful person .thank u for your support during some really tough time in my pregmamcy during lockdown as well as your encouragement to help to get the best time in my life .Thank u so much for being dedicated,thoughful and compassionate doc that u are! u always go above and beyond and work tirelessly toward healthy outside.i feel so blessed to knw u nd hv u as my doc.may god always bless u mam.

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Pallavi Kaushal Chahal

Hi I am Pallavi from Patiala For me “Choosing a doctor is not something that should be taken lightly and I am truly grateful that my in law’s recommended specially Dr. Sonil Prabhakar to be my doctor. Before saying that she is an amazing doctor, I want to tell all of you that she is an extraordinary human being for showing me so much of care and concern. Her abilities are truly unmatched. My high-risk pregnancy with multiple fibroids would be a nightmare without her medical supervision. Thank you Dr. Sonil Prabhakar, for making my journey from treatment of multiple fibroids to become a mother and my husband to become a daddy nothing less than a dream come true.”

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Tulsi Mehra

Best gyne Dr. In tricity. Highly recommend. I met her last week in my pregnancy . She handle my case so good way, which I can’t explain in words. She make me feel so relax and so calm. Just because of her, I was not worried in my delivery time. She is so soft spoken, and cool Dr, every pregnant women need this type of Dr. To whom they ask their query comfortable way. Thank you so much Dr. Sonil

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Enolis Nongspung

I am Enolis Nongspung . I had gone for a medical check-up at Sohana Hospital in Mohali. I opted for Dr Sonil Prabhakar while registering my name in the hospital as I found her the most experienced and senior Gyane/Obs. During my visits and after a short stay in the hospital I found that my assessment was very right in choosing Dr Sonil as my gynecologist. And now, after my discharge from the hospital, I feel very delighted to affirm that Dr Sonil Prabhaker is certainly a capable and incredible Gyane/Obs. It was very shocking to know when I was diagnosed ‘ endometrial adenocarcinoma with Squamous differentiation”. I was , indeed, terribly broken. But then it was Dr Sonil Prabhakar, who counselled me for an apt treatment for the malady. Dr Sonil Prabhaker’s proficient advice for radical hysterectomy, was a deep vision perceived by her for my life , otherwise, my life would have been dreadful with the alarming health disorders. Dr Sonil Prabhakar’s, whole hearted made preparations for my hysterectomy which has been very worthwhile for performing the complex major surgery. It was she alone who instilled confidence in me and comforted me with her expert and sincere advice. Dr Sonil Prabhakar, no doubt, being well experienced and highly skilled in her Gynae job, truly, also have compassionate feelings for patients. Her diligent attributions in her medico profession influenced my thinking to understand the whole procedure of hysterectomy. It is with her genuine and mastered techniques of intricate surgeries that she has been able to perform this major surgery very effectively and efficiently. She has authentically established her caliber of being a right and trustworthy Gynae. Notwithstanding, Post hysterectomy, her gentle care, adept follow up advice and strategies for healthy recovery, have worked as a booster . And now I can resume back to my normal activities after being recovered from the operation in short period of time. Certainly, I have realized the “Will” in her to treat the patients with a very meticulous approach. Undoubtedly, she strives for women’s health care irrespective of any monetary advantages. Dr Sonil Prabhakar’s professional guidance and sincerity has made her to stay in me and in my family’s hearts. And I highly recommend to those women who suffer from any Gynae health complications, can approach Dr Sonil Prabhakar for the quality care and a right suitable treatment. My best wishes to Dr Sonil Prabhakar and May God bless her abundantly.

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Jagdeep kaur

The best decision we ever made was to consult Dr sonil . She treated us like her own family. Any queries were answered straight away either on phone call or a text message regardless of the time. The staff is even more helpful and professional. they are doing and will do anything possible to help you out. I will be recommending dr sonil to anyone

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Arshdeep Kaur

Hello ..Nine months of pregnancy felt like a breeze, thanks to the outstanding efforts of Dr.Sonil.Right from our very first visit, we were very happy to have chosen Dr. Sonil for our care for second time. She helped me deliver my first and second baby. The right amount of information at the right amount of time kept us at ease and relaxed, which was very important to us. No unwanted tests, no scares etc. Just the required tests and visits to make sure mom and baby were doing well. Very modern and up-to-date practices made the whole experience enjoyable. When it came to surgery, the care of Dr. Sonil whom were in the surgery was the best of all. We could not have asked for more. I would also like to mention the excellent quality of caring nature of her. Overall, a great experience, we feel lucky and healthy. Regards Arshdeep kaur.

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Sarita Kinger

My experience has been magnificent. Dr. Sonil is highly experienced, I knowledgeable, well informed and extremely responsive towards it’s patient. She is always ready to help and guide the patients to promote a level of comfort. Very well versed in all manner of gynecological issues and is current with medical knowledge and treatment. I am really fortunate to have seen Dr. Sonil throughout my pregnancy journey. Thank you Doctor. Sarita Kinger

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Jasleen Kaur

I am fornutante to be one of Dr .Sonils patient .I was pregnant in 2016 my pregnancy was high risk pregnancy as i had high blood pressure throught my pregnancy tenure.She took perfect care of me whenever i needed.During my 3rd month i suffered viral fever which made my pregnancy even more high risk but thanks to Dr. Sonil she supported me and took very good care of me..As her good efforts i had a healthy baby and my delievery was safe and me n my baby were both healthy.. KUDOS to Dr.Sonil

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Devika Raj

Dr Sonil is absolutely the best doctor I’ve come across. She tries to get to the root of the problem instead of just prescribing quick fixes. Very patient, caring & friendly; she makes her patients feel absolutely comfortable.

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Dr. Sonil Prabhakar is a amazing person and so professional in her work.. not easy to make everyone feeling that he/she is most important to her. But I and my husband gained that feeling with her. Mam.. you will always stay in our hearts and our life forever. You changed our life when you help me in giving birth comfortably our daughter ❤Trishmeet kaur ❤ on 20th January 2021. I don’t have enough words to express how grateful I am to have her as my gynaecologist. You are professional, caring, timely, intelligent and goes far beyond what is expected”. God bless you mam.. I would like to thank Dr. sonil Prabhakar Mam and the entire staff of gya ecology department of SGHS Hospital for all the treatment and care they gave me during my hospital stay. Once again thank you mam for my happiest delivery ????

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Hello mam You are a caring doctor who is always friendly and comforting to your Patients.

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Karminder Kaur

Dr Sonil is a very cool and vibrant personality. . I had little complications in my pregnancy . .and she guided me very well. .boosted up my confidence. .and always be so patient. . I am really thankful to her for taking wise decision of my delivery. .at right time. .saving my precious baby girl who shares birthday With doctor Sonil. . And she is always smiling . .and so cool i must repeat. .that made me more confident in my pregnancy despite complications. Thank you doctor. .and i strongly recommend her to my near ones . .

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Neha Sharma

I had such a great experience with Dr Sonil Prabhakar Such a great doctor with a very good experience

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VIDEO Testimonials

Department Of Neonatology - Sohana Hospital

A premature baby born at 7 months pregnancy, with absent flow of blood from mother to the baby. Baby required Parental nutrition, Ventilation and KMC (Kangaroo Mother Care) and after many ups and down's fought the battle of life.

Posted by Sohana Hospital on Tuesday, 10 July 2018
Bundle Of Joy At Our State Of The Art Nicu

Very premature baby born at 26 weeks and 620 grams surviving against all odds. The baby had a stormy course but ultimately won the battle of life. #SohanaHospital #NICU #PretermBaby

Posted by Sohana Hospital - NICU & Pediatrics on Friday, 3 August 2018
24 x 7 Nicu Care At Sohana Hospital

The patient presented with placenta covering the birth passage with a previous cesarean. Suspected to be stuck with a high risk of post-birth bleeding and a rare blood group. The baby after birth had bleeding in the lungs, was put on ventilator for 15 days. Care of oxygen levels and brain growth was always kept a priority. The baby recovered well and discharged hail and hearty with intact eyes brain and ears for the age.

Posted by Sohana Hospital - NICU & Pediatrics on Friday, 17 August 2018


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