Enolis Nongspung

I am Enolis Nongspung . I had gone for a medical check-up at Sohana Hospital in Mohali. I opted for Dr Sonil Prabhakar while registering my name in the hospital as I found her the most experienced and senior Gyane/Obs. During my visits and after a short stay in the hospital I found that my assessment was very right in choosing Dr Sonil as my gynecologist.
And now, after my discharge from the hospital, I feel very delighted to affirm that Dr Sonil Prabhaker is certainly a capable and incredible Gyane/Obs.
It was very shocking to know when I was diagnosed ‘ endometrial adenocarcinoma with Squamous differentiation”. I was , indeed, terribly broken. But then it was Dr Sonil Prabhakar, who counselled me for an apt treatment for the malady.
Dr Sonil Prabhaker’s proficient advice for radical hysterectomy, was a deep vision perceived by her for my life , otherwise, my life would have been dreadful with the alarming health disorders.
Dr Sonil Prabhakar’s, whole hearted made preparations for my hysterectomy which has been very worthwhile for performing the complex major surgery. It was she alone who instilled confidence in me and comforted me with her expert and sincere advice.
Dr Sonil Prabhakar, no doubt, being well experienced and highly skilled in her Gynae job, truly, also have compassionate feelings for patients. Her diligent attributions in her medico profession influenced my thinking to understand the whole procedure of hysterectomy.
It is with her genuine and mastered techniques of intricate surgeries that she has been able to perform this major surgery very effectively and efficiently.
She has authentically established her caliber of being a right and trustworthy Gynae.
Notwithstanding, Post hysterectomy, her gentle care, adept follow up advice and strategies for healthy recovery, have worked as a booster .
And now I can resume back to my normal activities after being recovered from the operation in short period of time.
Certainly, I have realized the “Will” in her to treat the patients with a very meticulous approach. Undoubtedly, she strives for women’s health care irrespective of any monetary advantages.
Dr Sonil Prabhakar’s professional guidance and sincerity has made her to stay in me and in my family’s hearts.
And I highly recommend to those women who suffer from any Gynae health complications, can approach Dr Sonil Prabhakar for the quality care and a right suitable treatment.
My best wishes to Dr Sonil Prabhakar and May God bless her abundantly.